CHOICE+ Champions Training

Ready to make changes and improve the dining experience for your residents but not sure where to start?

CHOICE+ Champion eLearning course 



The online CHOICE+ champion e-learning course gives you everything you need to begin your change journey.


Attend exclusive meetings with our researchers and other CHOICE+ champions to solidify learning and build your network.


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What people think about us

“Many professional development courses last a day or two without any support with a plan to execute on lasting change that makes a difference.  The CHOICE+ Champion e-learning course was built in partnership with residents that reside in Senior Living residences and knowledgeable industry professionals.  This course gives you a road map and tools needed to deliver on real change that will improve the quality of any senior living mealtime experience”

Bryce McBain, General Manager, The Village of Riverside Glen

How it works


Complete the self-paced CHOICE+ Champion e-Learning course by registering below. The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and provides the resources and tools to:

  •  Build team interest in making improvements
  •  Engage partners from all departments including residents and family
  •  Identify areas of focus/change
  •  Develop an improvement plan
  •  Measure success and ongoing goals

Community of Practice

You will have access to four exclusive CHOICE+ Community of Practice meetings with our amazing researchers, Prof. Heather Keller and Sarah Wu, co-creators of CHOICE+ to further your understanding of how to implement the CHOICE+ Principles in your home, connect with other champions and share lessons learned from your experiences.

Read Heather Keller’s profile.

Interested in the research behind the course? Read about it online

Social Network

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Start your change today!


The CHOICE+ e-course and Community of Practice were developed by the RIA, Heather Keller, RD, PhD, FDC, FCAHS, and Sarah Wu, PhD, with support from the CHOICE+ Review Board.

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